The Tale of OPA Cat Jaspar


There once was a cat called Jasper,
who was searching a happy ever after.
He was born in an unwanted litter,
and left at the shelter like a critter.
In there he was unable to prosper,
until OPA found him a foster.

Things started to get better from then on,
until all of his siblings were gone;
to homes with new sisters and brothers,
but Jasper was a tabby like lots of others.
He was playful and loving and cute as can be,
while he sat in his kennel and meowed, play with me.

Finally, at last, a family of his own….
but it wasn’t to be and he returned alone.
However, he is an OPA cat and they never give up,
whether it be a cat, kitten or pup.
So Jasper was sent to a town far away,
where they know how to treat a waif and a stray.

But that’s not the end for our brown tabby kitten,
for OPA had found a family that were smitten.
They were not put off that he was so far away,
as they had seen who he was, so happy and gay.
They knew he was their little cat called Jasper,
who had finally found his happy ever after.

Welcome to Operation Pets Alive! – Kitty Korner


Operation Pets Alive has adorable kittens available now!

  • The adoption fee for cats is $75 and includes current vaccinations, feline leukemia/HIV test,de-worming, and spay or neuter.
  • We also have a Texas Barn Cat Program! Our fee for barn cats is $50 per cat; we recommend taking two. This includes spay or neuter, rabies vaccination, and ear tip.


  • An Adoption Application and Adoption Contract must be completed and accepted.
  • Our adoption animals have either been in a shelter or have been diverted from entering a shelter. Adopters must be committed to making these homeless pets a part of their family.
  • Owners must keep animals current on shots/vaccinations, flea prevention, and heartworm prevention (dogs).
  • Barn cats must have a caretaker.

Please complete the adoption application: